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read to randy

the jack russell

So, you might have been the kid who was never allowed to keep a puppy. Or your life’s too nerve-racking to take care of anything more than low-maintenance. Say hi to Randy the Jack Russell, the plush pet who only wants to be read to. Randy loves any kind of read, from the edgy stuff of Charles Bukowski and Allen Ginsberg to the bestseller material of Roald Dahl and Paulo Coelho. Randy’s all-time favourite is still The Fox and the Hound, by Daniel P. Mannix. Randy’s personal hero is Bothy, the Jack Russell who in 1982 became the first dog to travel to both the north and south poles.

Randy will never pee in bed, and loves a poem and pat on the head for breakfast. It’s the perfect bedtime companion for the avid reader. And Randy really really knows how to listen. Randy, and all of its squircly squishiness, is the product of a social enterprise that provides skills and work to disabled persons. Every plush toy is meticulously and lovingly handmade.

randy’s fave carrots

Randy has a strange low-carb diet. Randy loves vegetables, and can’t get enough of wild carrots. So get Randy this polka-dotted carrot for a hearty brunch. Then we’ll all turn in for a long afternoon nap. As Shel Silverstein said: “What did the carrot say to the wheat? Lettuce rest, I’m feeling beet.”

randy’s fave fridge magnets

This is Randy’s wall of honour. Randy has a say on what magnets end up on the fridge door and how they’re arranged. His other fave foods are up here too. Frosted cookies. Gingerbread men. Sushi. Butter buns with custard filling. Doughnuts covered in rainbow sprinkles. A Bordeaux red with an excellent bouquet. They help him decide what’s the menu for the day.

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