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Squircle Line Press: Arts Patronage

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“Creation, whatever its form, is not an act of will,
but an act of faith.”
~ Lloyd Alexander
Running a small press requires a fine balance between receiving arts
funding, corporate patronage, individual contributions, and grounded
management that bridges individual passions and market interest.
Run as an independent press, Squircle Line is committed to promoting
the literary arts, producing the finest works of poetry, fiction, theory,
design, and where the intersections find themselves. We see the making
of a book as an artform, and always attend to retaining high qualities
in editing, design, and print production.
For contributions of USD100 and above, we will acknowledge you as an
arts patron in one of our anthologies, one of your choosing. We will also
send you a gift packet as an expression of our gratitude.

To express your support, please make a contribution to help us continue promoting the reading and writing of literature. Our deepest gratitude 
for your kindness and generosity.










Squircle Line Press: Arts Patronage