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jotter books 

The Madding Mission Jotter Book encourages hypergraphia. It thinks Plath writes awesome poems. Plath should have met Dickinson. Dylan Thomas too. Shelley. Poe. Lord Byron. Artaud and Baudelaire. Who can forget Hart Crane? Versus Eliot. John Berryman and Robert Lowell, who knew they joined these ranks? And of course, Celan.

Whitman, whose “right hand points to landscapes of continents, and a plain public road…. Perhaps it is everywhere on water and on land.” Together they would write great things, Plath thinks out loud, to no one in particular. She has brought her pen to paper. There is madness in the method, and sometimes a little bit or a whole lot of genius too.   

Each Madding Mission Jotter Book has 88 blank pages for your splendid journaling, with glossy covers and wacky titles.

About The Writerly Life   

A Good Poem Beats A Dollar Burger

A Poem Is A Paper Kite

Bleach Is Beautiful

Box Apartment Like A Womb

Clarity Comes With Age

Folksinger Without His Guitar

Grapefruit Juice Is Yummy

Hairball In Front Of Me

Hart Crane Versus Eliot

History Never Happened

Homeschooled Writer

Make Me A Poem About Bacon Chips

Make Me Your Double Dactyl

Majored In English And Ended

Up On Unemployment

Obsessed With Poetics

Poem For Sale

Point To Make About

The Panopticon

Poets Were The First Filmmakers

Readymade Poem

Secret Mystic Poet

The Price Tag Is Still On

This Is A Single Position

The Space Of Technique

Theatre Of The Absurd

Slightly Curved And Out Of Scale

The Enlightenment Never Happened

About The Writerly Life   

Beijing Is A Wet Dream

Brooklyn Made Me Cry

Foucault Liked To Gaze

Frank O’Hara’s Private Fantasy

Gertrude Stein Loved Paris

In Memory Of

The Metaphysical Poets

L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Happened

Like The Sun Over Gibraltor

London Is A Grey Sky

Radical Re-Reading

Reading Edward Said In New Orleans

Reading Kerouac In Greenwich

Reading Robert Creeley

In The Subway

Reading Simone De Beauvoir

Over Beef Goulash

Reading The Lake Poets

Over Clam Chowder

Remember Me In Detroit

Over Pancakes & Syrup

Robert Frost Asked For Tears

Roland Barthes Is Not Dead

Searching For Love In Shanghai

Singapore Is A Long Bus Ride Home

There’s A Bottom

To The Eiffel Tower

Tibet Is A High-Altitude Feeling

Toast & Jasmine Tea In Tokyo

Walk me To Chicago’s Bright Lights

For The Soup Lover    

Auden In Alphabet Soup

Austen In Alphabet Soup

Ballad In Alphabet Soup

Big Cat In Animal Soup

Butterfly In Animal Soup

Camus In Alphabet Soup

Choka In Alphabet Soup

Crown Of Sonnets In Alphabet Soup

Derrida In Alphabet Soup

Easter Bunny In Animal Soup

Emerson In Alphabet Soup

Frog Prince In Alphabet Soup

Ghazal In Alphabet Soup

Giraffe In Animal Soup

Grizzly In Animal Soup

Haiku In Alphabet Soup

Hippo In Animal Soup

Kafka In Animal Soup

Mammoth In Animal Soup

Monkey In Animal Soup

Monster In Animal Soup

Orpheus In Animal Soup

Orwell In Animal Soup

Poodle In Animal Soup

Sea Anemone In Animal Soup

Terza Rima In Alphabet Soup

What Dinosaur In Animal Soup

Woolf In Animal Soup

Talking About Isms   

Abstract Expressionism Is King/Dead

Conceptualism Rules/Stinks

Cubism Is King/Dead

Dialogism Rules/Stinks


Écriture: Érroneous Écriture Feminine

Hybridity Is King/Dead

Intertextuality Is King/Dead

Metanarratives Rule/Stink

New Criticism Is King/Dead

New Historicism Is King/Dead

Orientalism Is King/Dead

Postmodernism Rules/Stinks

Psychoanalysis Rules/Stinks

Structuralism Rules/Stinks

Submerged In Narratology

Suprematism Rules/Stinks

Surrealism Rules/Stinks

Symbolism Is King/Dead

Syncretism Is King/Dead

The Hyperreal Rules/Stinks

The Implied Reader Is King/Dead

More Than Mere Metaphor   

Metaphor: A Stammering Mistake

Metaphor: Goethe’s Cathedral

Metaphor: Grisaille

Metaphor: Iconography

Metaphor: Imprimatura

Metaphor: Interface

Metaphor: More Is More

Metaphor: Northrop Frye

Reading Blake

Metaphor: Pentimento

Metaphor: Repetition

Metaphor: Rock Art

Metaphor: Roman Jakobson

Doing The Crossword

Metaphor: Spinoza At Lunch

Metaphor: Terra Verte

Metaphor: Voltaire At Sea

Metaphor Is Freud

Designing Couches

Metaphor Is Gadamer’s

Total Meaning

Metaphor Is Guattari’s Ginger Ale

Metaphor Is Lacan In Three Circles

The What Question    

What Aporia

What Are The Joneses?

What Empire Of Truth

What Foreclosure

What Gender Performance

What Global Village

What Hermeneutic Circle

What Overreading

What Third Space 

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