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jayjay jouissance

conceptualist novellas 

JayJay is “the funny and lovable person in the room everyone can’t help but adore”. Its initialized form “JJ” means “Just Joking”. It is also a pseudonym for the modernist writer James Joyce. The JayJay Jouissance Series is composed of several conceptualist novellas, each taking on an image from an episode in Joyce’s Ulysses for its title – there’s “Circe”, “Cyclops”, “Penelope”, “Proteus”, “Lestrygonians”, and “Lotus Eaters”. For Jacques Lacan, “jouissance” is not mere “enjoyment”, but rather “painful pleasure”. This book has its text written on texture, the visual or implied texture of one empty page after another. It is an invitation to fill in the blanks. 

Each JayJay Jouissance conceptualist novella is a thread-sewn hardback, comprising 214 blank pages for your fabulous journaling. Have fun with any title from the Joycean six-pack.   

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